The hire flat-rate service has a monthly membership fee system except for the “Trial Package”. For example, this service is a monthly package that discounts the hire charter, which costs about 7,500 to 8,000 yen per hour, to the 6,000 yen level.

The monthly membership fee is essentially a 30-day membership fee system. Payment will be made on the 30th day counting from the date of enrollment, and within 3 business days from that date, the amount of the previous month’s highway fee, excess fee, and other expenses plus the consumption tax for the next month’s membership fee Will be billed together. Time points will be reset at the end of the 30th day from the date of enrollment, and time points for the next month will be awarded from the next day.

Members will be awarded 60 or 80 hours of time points at the beginning of each month. These are the time points converted to the actual boarding time, and the system consumes 1 point for each hour of the actual time from the reserved pick-up time to the actual disembarkation time. Even if there are several stopovers on the way, if it fits in one hour, you can spend 1 hour points, and if you use the Metropolitan Expressway etc. (the highway fee will be charged separately), you can arrive at your destination early even if you make a detour. For example, the number of time points consumed is only the actual boarding time. In addition, a ride of 15 minutes or less will consume 0.5 hours points, which is very convenient for short-distance commuting to school. This is the same for airport transfers, while Uber Black has a flat rate of 27,000 yen from the city center to Narita Airport, but with this service, even if you add the forwarding fee, it will be 3 hours points and the actual cost will be 20,000 yen or less. It’s a great deal. However, each time point is premised on monthly digestion, and time points will not be carried over across months.

This service also flexibly responds to customer boarding requests. We will handle various situations such as reservations for multiple cars at once, monthly batch (designated day of the week) reservations for commuting to school, etc. without any additional charge (for long distances, there is a forwarding fee). You can reserve 10 cars at the same time for your pick-up, pick you up at the terminal exit at the airport and assist you with your luggage, and we will respond even at midnight on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays without any additional charges.

The maximum travel distance from departure within 100km is only by hourly charge, but if it exceeds 100km, the distance fee will be added to the fare. Distance addition is 400 yen per 1km. In addition, distance addition is applied only in the actual vehicle (when you are on board), and is not added when forwarding.