Welcome to HaaS LX

This page is for customers who wish to enroll HaaS LX Club

HaaS (Hire as a Service) LX is a MaaS spin off, serving black cars on demand basis in fixed monthly fees. Since it is in fixed price, you don’t need to worry about any extra charges such as the midnight surcharge, holiday surcharges, etc. HaaS LX for Tokyo American Club Members is a exclusive service that offers a variety of price range memberships, especially for individual VIP customers like you. Among our registered chauffeurs, we assign only the best of the best chauffeurs to the program, and cars are all new vehicles (within 2 years from sale). Since it is a flat rate system, you can board on holidays and late at night at the same rate as on weekdays. As for corona measures, we have taken industry-leading measures such as UVC irradiation at the time of return and installation of emission type plasma ion cluster, so you can ride with confidence.